BPWin Error: Tape Out Full Error

BPWin Error: Tape Out Full Error


BPWin displays an error dialogue stating that the Tape Output is full.


An automated programming job has been loaded, taught and run.
During the job, BPWin displays an error and the job will not run any further.


The TM330 controller has reached its STOP limit.

Background Information

The TM330 uses a combination of a STOP value and a COUNT value.
The STOP value is entered to specify how many parts should be taped for a particular batch.
The COUNT value displays the current number of parts that have been taped.

If you set the STOP value to 5000, then once the COUNT reaches 5000 then the TM330 enters in a Job Done condition.  This signal is detected by the BPWin software and displays the appropriate error message in the BPWin GUI.


Use the TM330 controller functions to reset the STOP value.

  1. Press the ESC key on the membrane keypad to move to the controller settings.
  2. Press the 1 key, to access the COUNT setting.
  3. Press the 1 key, this resets the COUNT back to 0.
    Note: If you press the 2 key, you can enter a new STOP value.
  4. Press the ESC key.
  5. Press the 8 Key, to enter back into RUN mode
  6. Confirm that STOP value is correct.
  7. Confirm that the COUNT value is empty or 0.
  8. Continue/Restart your programming job.




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