How to request Support

How to request Support

In an effort to be as flexible and efficient as possible in the way that we manage all requests for support, we have released our new Support Centre to provide both our staff and customers with essential support management tools.


Email can be great, but, when your dealing with multiple customers, suppliers and colleagues then trawling through emails to find the latest status of on an issue can be a chore, especially when mail gets truncated and forwarded.  This results in confusion and a a loss of valuable time and confusion.  Creating and managing your own lists and spreadsheets equally becomes a burden to manage, so just use our Support Centre.  Create and manage your support tickets and those of your colleagues from one place.  Get notified when replies are added and easily see what requests are open or closed.


Yes, we still do use email.
Simply reply to any support ticket you receive and provided you don't modify the subject, your response will be added to the Support Centre thread.

All requests for quotes, should be directed to
None urgent, general requests, should be directed to

NOTE:  The old support email address,, is no longer used.  Do not send any mail to that address, it will simply bounce back.


We even have real people that you can talk to.
You are always welcome to call your local office and discuss any issues that you may have.

UK Customers: +44 (0) 1730 262444
French Customers: +33 (0) 143 97 80 30
German Customers: +49 (0)163 6287570
Hungarian Customers: +36 30 419 2630

Any request for support will be logged in the same way as mentioned above to allow a record to be kept and to follow through to a conclusion.

Live Chat

On some sites, Live Chat can be an annoying feature, but we are not using this as a sales tool, so we won't keep displaying annoying pop ups or noises.
Simply open live chat, enter your details and ask a question and one of our staff will respond.   
If necessary, we will even convert the chat manuscript into a support ticket for you and add it to your account.

We always recommend that support is done through the Support Centre, but as you can see, it is no longer a requirement.

Simple solutions for effective support management.

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