New Support Centre Launched

New Support Centre Launched

Adaptsys Limited are pleased to launch version 2 of our online Support Centre.
For the last 5 years, we have provided a free, online Support Ticket system for our customers to use as a centralised support management tool.  This has proven to be invaluable for both our customers and staff, to help ensure timely resolution to issues but more importantly, prevent support issues getting lost in truncated email messages.
Our new Support Centre adds significant improvements to our previous Ticket System. 
From a customers point of view, it is now simpler to use, faster to load, fully mobile ready and even easier to manage and collaborate with colleagues and our staff.
From our support staff point of view, we now have improved integration with our suppliers and CRM, improved monitoring, communication and reporting tools.  The whole process of managing customers, accounts and support tickets will really help save us valuable time to really improve response times, hugely import as our business continuously grows.
Simon Wells - Service Manager
Our existing customers and their tickets have been ported over to the new system.
To help comply with the recent GDPR, we will NOT be activating all previous user accounts.  User accounts will be activated on a case by case basis as and when required for support.
Did you know: If you have a mobile device, with internet access, you can get online support whilst you are using the equipment.  Potentially resolving issues on the spot.
The ability to allow companies with multiple user accounts for cross company ticket collaboration is still a fundamental feature to help with issue management.

Access to the Support Centre Knowledge Base, is public with some content only available to registered users. 
Tickets creation and management is still available to active customers and we have enabled a simple Sign Up registration request to gain access to the site, which will be validated and approved by our staff.
Our customers wanted and use remote support, so we have built into our ticket system. With a few clicks, a secure connection to your production machine can be granted to us, so that we can set about reducing your production downtime and lighten the load on your production/maintenance staff.  
2 new support only email addresses have been created, replacing the existing tickets@ address, which will become redundant in due course.
  • Device Support Requests -
  • Product Support - 
Customers can email issues directly to the relevant support department, a ticket will be created automatically and added to the queue for response. 
We do of course advise customer to make use of the Support Centre for managing all support issues, to take advantage of centralised ticket management.  Logging new support requests is quick and simple and ensures you provide the relevant information to us, to help speed up the solution process.
As part of our recent ISO certification award, we have introduced a new rating system, upon ticket closure.  This is to allow us to collect valuable user feedback and make any required changes to our policies and procedure, if we do ever fall short of customer expectations.
Customer satisfaction is a fundamental philosophy adopted by all staff and we need to ensure we continue to monitor and adapt to maintain it.

If you have any questions regarding our Support Centre, access or its features, then please contact us:

August 2018 - Adaptsys Limited
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